Rugby Matcher is a global Rugby network that directly connects the Rugby community, inspires them to travel and shares the resources and opportunities to do so.

We don’t waste time and make you wait around. You’ll be able to speak to prospective clubs or individuals the minute you sign up for Rugby Matcher. We believe that people have the right to make their own informed decisions and we put the ball in your hands when it comes to bringing in a new player or choosing a new club. There are no agents around these parts.

At our very core is the mission to give the Rugby community the opportunities to travel and the chance to experience other Rugby cultures. We're founded on the experiences of seasoned individuals that have been there and done that, the hard way. Rugby Matcher has been built by Rugby players for the benefit of the worldwide Rugby community.

Join The Rugby Matcher Club today and take the first step in your next adventure, find your team a new player or offer some advice and inspiration to those looking to travel overseas.


uniting the world of rugby