Rugby Matcher : Directly Connecting the Rugby Community

Welcome to the first blog post in the life of Rugby Matcher! “In the life of what?” I hear you ask. Let me try and break it down for you…

The idea for Rugby Matcher has been bouncing around inside my head for quite a while now. I travelled the world for six years and played Rugby in eight different countries, so I’ve been around the block. It was six years of pure enjoyment but along the way I unfortunately had a couple of bad experiences with the system that is known as ‘Rugby Recruitment’.

My bad experiences as well as the bad experiences of other players and friends fuelled the Rugby Matcher fire. I decided that something had to change, the system was a bit outdated with a few nasty sharks circling around eager and unknowing individuals.

These past nine months I’ve been speaking with friends, players, clubs and coaches across the world and asking them what they believed needed fixing. I’ve listened to advice, discussed the problems that we face and voiced my opinion on what’s happening out there in the Rugby world. All these ideas have merged into what you see before you - Rugby Matcher.

We’re at the very beginning of what I hope will become Rugby’s go-to for advice, inspiration and opportunities when someone wants to experience playing Rugby in another part of the world.

When someone says “I want to play Rugby in [insert country here].” I want the reply to involve Rugby Matcher. My vision involves this community-built entity evolving into the globally connected Rugby community’s online hub. A buzz of activity on all levels where Rugby folk can come to seek advice, inspire each other and share resources and opportunities for the benefit of all.

As you can see we have a long way to go but we’ve got to start somewhere. If you’ve got this far in this blog post then you can consider yourself part of the community - your advice and feedback is greatly appreciated on any aspect of what you find before you. Without you there would be no Rugby Matcher.

So, where can you go from here? Firstly if you’re a player then head on over to our Player Registration page and fill in our form. If you’re a club representative that’s keen on bringing some new players into your club then check out our Club Registration page. If you’re just here to have a nosey then please sign up to The Rugby Matcher Club’s monthly newsletter, filled with all things Rugby - you can sign up at the bottom of this page!

Rugby Matcher is fresh and I’m keen as mustard to get stuck in. Every part of the current process will be done manually but stick around and reap the benefits. When we have a shiny, streamlined beast you can boast that you were here when we were a bucket of nuts and bolts.

Thanks for coming along and having a read, whatever your intentions are. This is an amazing time to be alive, the opportunities are aplenty and the world is literally at your fingertips. Rugby Matcher will directly connect the Rugby community and unite the world of Rugby! Mark my words.

Jake - Founder of Rugby Matcher