Rugby Matcher : First Steps

The concept of Rugby Matcher might seem a bit strange to those of you that have never travelled through Rugby before. The idea that you can just move overseas and join a club as a player or coach is possibly a way of life that you never knew existed. I’m sure the majority of you know someone who’s done this at some point but perhaps you’re still not sure how it all works?

Recently I've had a lot of people contact me to ask how I managed to do it. After all, I had no impressive Rugby accomplishments and had only played a handful of senior games - I later found out that none of this really matters in certain situations.

It was almost eight years ago that I was introduced to this way of life and since then I’ve grown quite accustomed to everything that it brings. It’s easy for me to forget what I was thinking before I set off for my first Rugby gig but I definitely remember the excitement and the nervousness.

So, in hope of assisting as many people as possible I’ve decided to do a blog series on the first steps that I’d recommend taking before moving overseas to a club. I’ll cover a fairly broad range of topics but I’m always happy to chat to those of you that are looking for some more info.

I’ll be touching on:

  • Creating a Rugby CV & Footage Video

  • Deciding on a Destination

  • Initial Discussions with a Club

  • Visa Requirements

  • Contracts and Legalities

  • Preparing Yourself Financially

  • Setting a Departure Date

The advice I pass on will be from my own experiences but I’ll try to touch on others’ experiences and situations that I believe can help. I can’t express enough how important it is to do your own research and preparation before departing to a new club.

Please take into consideration that I’ll be writing these with the sole intention of passing on my knowledge. I've got to where I am in one piece but at times it was difficult. I may have taken the hard route at times but I hope that I can help others learn from my mistakes. I’m doing this to answer some questions that I couldn’t find answers for and I’ll chuck in as many handy tips and tricks as I can remember along the way.

If you have any advice of your own, no matter how small it may seem, please comment below the blog - you never know, it might just give someone the answer they’ve been looking for. Also, if you feel like there’s anything I’ve missed then please get in touch and I’ll include it into the relevant blog post!

At it’s core Rugby Matcher is a Rugby community, so you’re as much of it as I am - our mission is to inspire the Rugby community to travel. Get involved in any way you can! Advising and assisting others is a huge part of what we are here for. If we can inspire just one person to get out there and give it a crack then that’s our mission accomplished!

Jake - Founder of Rugby Matcher